5 Techniques to Help You Stop Worrying

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5 Techniques to Help You Stop Worrying

You know you should stop worrying so much, but you can’t seem to do so. In a lot of cases, you worry about things that are outside of your control. This simply makes the situation worse, which leads to stress and anxiety, giving you more reasons to worry. If you would like to avoid the many health dangers that excessive worry can lead to, practice the following 5 worry-free techniques.

1 – Keep a Worry Journal

Start recording everything you worry about. Also track whether your worrying had any impact on the problem. What you will find is that worry, in and of itself, produces no positive results. You may also find that much of your day is spent worrying, and this revelation should be enough to tell you that you are wasting your time fretting over things that you should not be concerned about.

2 – Forget About the Fear of Missing Out

FOMO is a real thing. That is the acronym for the fear of missing out on some event, activity or experience. A single human being cannot be everywhere at once. You cannot attend every social function, or enjoy every possible experience that you would like to. The next time you begin to worry about not being present for some event, party or experience, calm your fears, and remind yourself you can’t be everywhere and do everything.

3 – Change Your Diet

A healthy body and mind promote less stress and anxiety. A deficiency in B vitamins such as B12 and folic acid can cause a depressed, anxious response in some people. Eating a lot of processed foods, which many people do these days, means your body is missing out on many of the minerals, vitamins and chemicals it needs to stay healthy. This can trigger an anxious response in your brain, which is its way of telling you it is not receiving the nutritional goodness it needs.

4 – Put Your Nose to Work

Aromatherapy is a billion dollar business around the world for a very important reason – certain aromas deliver certain responses by your brain. This leads to feelings of anxiety or peace, stress or calm, depending on what you are smelling. The smell of a grapefruit, and other citrus aromas, refreshes and revitalizes you, boosting your feeling of happiness and level of energy.

5 – Get Moving

Any form of physical movement or exercise causes something wonderful to happen. Your brain rewards this positive behavior by releasing feel-good hormones and chemicals. This is why exercise actually changes your mood, and makes you feel better about your life and the world around you. Get up out of your chair and get moving and you will instantly become worried and anxious about fewer things in your life.

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Are You Afraid of Success?

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Are You Afraid of Success?

Did you know that some people are actually afraid of success? That may sound silly, or even impossible at first. But the fact is that many of us struggle to achieve the things we desire because of subconscious fears. Consciously, you plan and work and strive to succeed in the areas which are important to you. But for whatever reason, your hard work and success is thwarted.

Why is this the fate of so many people? In many cases, it is because past experiences in your life have subconsciously made you afraid of success.

Perhaps the environment you grew up in was repeatedly and silently telling you each and every day that “people like you” never get ahead. And if you grew up in a loving and positive environment, but your parents and your family scraped to get by, your brain could be hard-wired to believe that financial success will create a loveless and unhappy life for you.

It is very difficult to overcome years of negative subconscious success beliefs. But that is exactly what is required if you want to achieve success in any area. The powerfully positive news is that once you actually, totally believe you deserve success in any particular aspect of your life, your achievement of that success usually comes rather quickly.

Thomas Alva Edison is known as one of the greatest inventors in history. He once said that, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Consistently tell yourself that you deserve success. You will fail. You will have speed bumps and problems which arise between you and whatever level of success you desire. Just pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and start again.

Here is where you need to follow the lessons of other successful people. First, make it a habit of practicing daily affirmations of success. Tell yourself you are worthy of success. Tell yourself out loud that you are not afraid of failure, or the rewards that success brings.

Write these mantras on a small card and keep it in your wallet or purse where you can constantly review it throughout the day. It is possible to reprogram your brain with positive repetitious statements concerning your success beliefs, and daily affirmations help.

It is very natural to fear the unknown. And in many cases, success is unknown to many of us. Just remember that with a relentless tenacity and a true self-belief that you deserve the successful achievement of your goals, you can and will learn to embrace success rather than fear it.

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Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer with this Unique Tool!

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Many of us are thinking of running a successful affiliate site with stable passive income. Some of us have already tried it and understood this is not so easy: you should create a competitive website, provide quality design and user-friendly interface, download countless products, insert affiliate links for each one and monitor all product data daily to keep the catalogue up-to-date.

Good news for you: there finally appeared a tool that does all these things automatically.

It’s AliPlugin by Ali Partnership Company made specially for AliExpress and Alibaba affiliate programs.

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The sites are WordPress based which makes all processes quick and easy. WordPress is world’s most popular and user-friendly platform making web development accessible for everyone – even for those with zero experience.

The plugin creates your product catalogue automatically and keeps the information up-to-date. Just choose you niche on AliExpress, set preferences and make some easy settings. Your catalogue with hundreds or even thousands of items will be ready in minutes and always up-to-date.

Select one of the offered professional and mobile friendly designs to look really great among your competitors.

Automate affiliate store development, AliExpress products download and updating, both affiliate programs proper operation and moneymaking with AliPlugin.

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